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Inspired Yoga Retreats Europe

Best Yoga Retreats Europe

Best Yoga retreat Europe is a family run retreat in the beautifully, warm, sunny region of Alicante, Spain, offering inspired yoga retreats and holidays on the Costa Blanca. Voted a top retreat in The Guardian, The Times and featured in the OM magazine at the London Yoga Show. Set in a charming private Spanish styled villa, just a short stroll from the Mediterranean Sea, an area recognised as having "one of the most equitable climates in World". The clean fresh air instantly bringing a sense of calm and tranquility, whilst the expansive blue skies open your mind to the breathtaking scenery. Moraira is considered by many to be one of the prettiest villages in the región. With its narrow cobbled streets, family owned chic boutiques and deliciously international selection of restaurants, provide the perfect backdrop for your yoga retreat in Spain. Combining the complete yoga experience, with health enhancing fusion yoga sequences to rejuvenate the body, relax the mind and restore mental clarity. Offering seriously delicious food, with traditionally sourced ingredients. Whilst dining alfresco, meals are served on the terrace, overlooking the private pool. Our Yoga retreat has a maximum of 8 students, ensuring each student receives individual attention from our teachers.

Yoga & Walking Costa Blanca

The best Yoga and Walking Holidays on the Costa Blanca Spain, has everything; fantastic mountain walks, gorgeous coastal trails and don´t forget the beautiful beaches, to relax on after a days walking. Views across to Ibiza, Majorca & Fermentera and stunning views, inland make this a very special area for our Yoga & walking holidays. We cannot recommend it highly enough. Walking throughout the Marina Alta region is a sheer delight. With a wide range of easy to moderate and harder walks, the variety on offer is immense. Mountain walks overlooking deep gorges, waterfalls and lush green valleys, together with beautiful scenic coastal walks dropping down to coves and isolated beaches. Stunning scenery and excellent sea views, there are walks to suit everybody's level of fitness. Moraira has kept its character as an old Spanish village, with it's narrow cobbled streets, cafe bars, restaurants and chic boutiques, Moraira is a secluded yet, charming escape, earning a reputation for the rich and famous; seeking to unwind from the public gaze. Moraira is well located with views over the Mediterranean Sea and a backdrop of mountains and valleys. A perfect location for a week packed with varied walks, delicious cuisine and chic cafe bars, with beautiful strolls along the rocky coastline and plenty more activities to suit all tastes.

Yoga & Cleanse Retreat Europe

Yoga Holidays Spain offer, not just pure Yoga but also a Yoga & Detox programme. Both inspiring, enjoyable and a very effective way for you to kick start your weight loss and healthier lifestyle. Yoga & Detoxing is not a new subject, indeed detoxing & yoga have been used for thousands of years. Both in their own right and together, prolonging life and enhancing spiritual growth. Based solely on a natural process and offering both healing and rejuvenating powers, our Detox Retreat in the Sun programme, gives your body a chance to cleanse, re-balance, and rejuvenate. Origins of Detox "Ayuh" meaning life and "veda" meaning knowledge. Ayurveda, meaning “The Science of Life.” is thought to have originated in India 6000 years ago. One of the disciplines within Ayurveda, ( pancha karma.) is to progressively eliminate certain foods from the diet. Taking spiritual walks, cleaning out the colon and the nasal passage. The goal being to prolong life, prevent disease, and to enhance spiritual and emotional growth. Which is exactly how detox works today. Origins of Yoga Yoga is holistic, there is no physical yoga and spiritual yoga as such. If purely physical, it is not yoga. Yoga is totality, completeness, a unity of mind and body, an all encompassing life style, not the physical act, westerners have come to know and learn. That is not to say the physical aspect of yoga will not be beneficial, it is and for many, may be the only physical activity they can partake in. It is thought that Yoga originated in India 5,000 years ago and some think it may be earlier than this. For further reading..... Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras B.K.S. Iyengar Light on Yoga,

Yoga Retreat Europe

It is thought Yoga originated in India over 5,000 years ago. Until fairly recently, it was thought to have originated much later, around 500 B.C., which is the time of Gautama the Buddha, the illustrious founder of Buddhism. The word yoga is derived the ancient language Sanskrit. ‘Yog’ or ‘Yoj’ which means ‘to join’ or ‘to unite’. Yoga is a unión of two parts, one´s physical and spiritual self, which brings about a state of true wellbeing. Yoga acts as a way to offer liberation and expansion of human consciousness. “There is no physical yoga and spiritual yoga. If it is exclusively physical, it won’t be yoga. Yoga is dealing with the entirety; it is a union.” Prashant Iyengar, son of B.K.S Iyengar. Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual discipline that involves a combination of processes to attain an holistic sense of well-being. The aim is to achieve a heightened sense of peace and tranquility about ones inner and outer self Yoga is an instrument that can take you deep within yourself. Guided step by step by our expert teacher´s tuition, our fusión yoga is both suitable for beginners and those more advanced. Our 'gentle yoga' classes explore a flowing sequence that stretches muscles, tones the core and recalibrates neural pathways, leaving you rejuvenated for the day ahead.
The best Yoga retreat & holidays in the Alicante region of Spain. A complete holistic experience with Yoga retreats Spain. Relaxing activities that allow you to escape the stresses of everyday life and discover the richness that can be found in something as simple as meditation.
Simple Meditation, the simplest of practices, which allows you to be free from expectation and judgement, learning to relax into who we are right now, coming to rest in the natural spaciousness of mind with Yoga Retreats Spain
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